Classic Software and Services L.L.C. provides the following services:
  • Consulting, including:
    • Thought leadership in technology selection, and strategy for the item and transaction processing functions within large finacial institutions.
    • Workflow development and design
    • System and application architecture
    • Large system integration
    • System support and tuning
    • System training and mentoring

  • Super Migration Plus
    • Provides a turnkey service where items and images from one archive are migrated to another.
    • Eliminates the need to maintain multipe archives in your institution, acquired either through merges or aquisitions.
    • Scalable to move billions of items, very quickly.
    • No hardware to buy, Classic's team preforms the service using Classic's hardware.
    • No software to buy, Classic builds custom software tools to perform the migration at very high speeds (1000's of items per second).
    • No communications infrustructure to purchase.  Using Classic's methodology we migrate the entire contents of the decomissioned archive to our platform and physically transport the platform to where the new archive may be.  Allowing us to move billions of items across the country in a few days.

  • IBM Payment Director (IPD) and CPCS support, including:
    • Stacker Control Instructions (SCI) to Business Rules conversions
    • Image Archive Server (IAS) or Image Export Server (IES) user exits
    • Image Gateway (IGW) user exits
    • System Integration with Software Earnings Payments Navigator (EIS/MICR8000)

  • Software Earnings Payments Navigator, including:
    • Enterprise Image Suite (EIS) event handlers, user exits and SCI integration
    • Enterprise Transaction Suite (ETS) user exits (Balancing, Cash Letter, and Settlement)
    • System Integration with IPD

  • Software Earnings Payments Director Manager (PDM), including:
    • User exits for ICRE/MCRE files
    • Endpoint assignment user exit
  • Contract Programming, including:
    • decades of C/C++ Experience
    • years with Java, C# and .NET
    • Large systems integration through user exits in Java or C/C++

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