Classic Software and Services L.L.C. provides the following products:
  • Classic Tiff Purifier - In production at four finacial institutions. 
    • Purifies TIFF images, in Image Cash Letters, to the ANSI X9.100-181 specification.
    • Provides Integrity to the data stream by eliminating TIFF variances and the risk of a returned item due to TIFF variances.
    • Runs as a lights out, Windows Service.
    • Unmatched Performance, analyzing well over 1000 images per second  (yes per second!).
    • Passes thru ICL files that have no variances unaltered.
    • Provides daily reports, as an excel spreadsheet, on items with variances and what action was taken to purify the images.
    • The Solution to TIFF variances coming in from Branch, or Corporate capture.
    • Does not alter the unencoded image, but only modifies the images encoding scheme to be compliant with ANSI X9.100-181

  • Classic Integration with OrboCAR - for the IBM Payments Director Gateway
    • An add on to the Classic TIFF Purifier, this integration provides access to IQUA, recognition, and amount verification provided by Orbograph.
    • Provides Recognition Services at the point of entry for items, reducing or eliminating the need for any 3rd party Keying solutions.
    • Provides for Image Quality and Usability Analysis to determine if an image is clear and readable.
    • Has unmatched Performance operating at 4000 - 15,000 DPM.
    • Verify's the amounts of your inclearning items to catch misencodes before your customers do.
  • Classic Endorser - for the IBM Payments Director Gateway
    • Adds a customized endorsement to items that come in through the IPD Gateway.
    • The endorsement is burned into the image.
    • Useful to put custom text on virtual documents, such as virtual cash tickets, etc.
  • PD Console Manager - Manages all of your IPD services under one end user application
    • The console manager lets you manage several systems,
    • Allowing for multiple users to shadow one another and observe the commands being entered.
    • Retains 8 - 24 hours of messages.
    • Provides an audit of who enteried what command and when.
    • Allows you to manage development, integration, UAT, and production on seperate screens.
    • Color coding scheme to differentiate the various systems so commands are entered for a system they weren't intended.
    • Start, Stop, Pause or Resume the Gateway instances.
    • Enter any command allowed at the console.
    • Run the IPD complex as services, but have access to the consoles so commands can be entered quickly and accurately.
  • Classic Large Table - Performing table lookups across millions of items in under a millisecond.
    • Enables you to deal with old paper by lookup up new account numbers in native SCI routines.

IBM Payment Director related products including:

    • Stacker Control Instructions (SCI) to IPD Business Rules conversions
    • Image Archive Server (IAS) or Image Export Server (IES) user exits
    • Image Gateway (IGW) user exits